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Start with what is necessary, then what is possible and suddenly you will be doing the impossible.        

   Francis of Assisi

A team of individualists is committed to a common passion:

Quality food for our customers

Each strong in their own area, we complement each other to form a whole.  


Romana Betschart


President of the Board of Directors/Head of Doctoral Studies

Life tells the best stories.

Started as a commercial clerk in his father's company  She has been responsible for and leading the company since 2018  continues the business together with her husband in the second generation.

This is important to me: meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers with the highest quality standards.

René Betschart


Managing director/board of directors

René has been working successfully in the company since 2016. No matter what challenge he faces: with his knowledge and many years of experience as a chef de cuisine and member of the management board, he creates a level of trust and finds a solution for everything.

With his creative side, he always successfully puts new ideas into practice, to the delight of our customers.


That's important to me: 

Partnership at eye level

Claudio Bergamin


Head of Finance & Administration

Claudio's flair with numbers contributes significantly to the success of the company. He oversees the finances and knows how to get jobs done efficiently. Cambio couldn't ask for a better office manager.

That's important to me:

Those who tackle things where the others are just talking have a head start in life.  John F Kennedy

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