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Healthy eating for generations

Some things are passed down over time: only the best Italian meat, a pinch of salt, the craftsmanship of the traditional method and the slow and patient aging process. This is how our Prosciutto di Parma is made. The touch of Langhirano tells a story that began in 1860. A story of sweetness passed down for generations.


For lovers of Italian cuisine, for those who see food as a moment of encounter, enjoyment and sharing.

Convivia brings these values to the table with good Sicilian food of high quality, genuine and rich in tradition. The passion for healthy eating is one of the main ingredients of our products, all of which are certified organic, gluten-free and vegan.

Olioè Provenzano
Clai Salumificio

"Our family's love for olive growing makes our oil a true masterpiece".
Prof. Provenzano

Happy workers, happy salami!

"Just as the smile in someone's eyes conveys something essential, the expression of the brand speaks to what kind of relationship you will have with that product or company. CLAI is a company with deep-rooted values that are reflected in its work, its... employees and its quality products.In a place where "happy workers mean happy salami and therefore happy consumers", quality and care is not only found in the end product, but represents a complete ethos that begins at the heart of the company.Our The aim is for consumers to visualize and remember the CLAI brand every time they buy Salumi and associate it with moments of joy."


El Pozo

Food safety is extremely important in our sector and we ensure it through a variety of measures. Among other things, we have had the quality of our products confirmed by the most demanding international certifications.
Our priority: animal welfare
To ensure animal welfare, we work according to the principles of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE). We have also implemented the most demanding protocol in terms of animal welfare and biosecurity in Spain, with a framework that goes beyond the legal requirements.


11er Austria

11er - The potato specialist from Austria
We are a modern family business from the west of Austria that is completely dedicated to potatoes. We love good food and are convinced that it tastes best "like it's homemade". That's why we work on our products every day with a lot of love and care in order to produce the best and most extraordinary potato specialties from Austria. From fries to croquettes to rösti and many other creations.

Graninger Tiefkühl

The LOIDL story.

The company was founded in Weiz in Styria in the 1960s. 

The recipes for the specialties are closely guarded and provide the basis for all delicacies under the LOIDL name.

Only the salami master is initiated into the secrets, because the  Production of the naturally ripened ones delicacies  belongs to the premier class of sausage production. The best quality means excellent taste: for them  Salami and raw sausage specialties  LOIDL applies the highest quality standards. All delicacies are processed with love and by hand - and you can taste it!

Since 2018, the Loidl brand has been one of the  Marcher Fleischwerke , a family business based in Villach.


At Graninger, not only the dumplings are a round thing. First-class quality requires a smooth process, which begins with the choice of raw materials.

This is how ingredients from the region are used for the tried-and-tested recipes

used. Because short delivery routes guarantee the freshness and taste of the products. The optimized processes and automated work steps also enable rapid processing. The result is an outstanding taste that makes it possible to do without artificial additives.

Innovation goes hand in hand with progress. Graninger not only establishes itself as a specialist for soup accompaniments, but also shows great creativity in the manufacture of new products. thanks to this

Creativity, which is combined with great know-how, well-known Central European companies from gastronomy, trade and industry rely on Graninger products every day

We are a family business that is now being run by the third generation and is proud to  market leader  to be in Austria.
It will be on  nine locations  produce the highest quality food at affordable prices, which is available on the domestic market as well as in more than  40 export countries  to be expelled.
Our range includes the  entire product range  from fresh meat to meat and sausage products to convenience food products.
The focus of our activity is  best possible utilization  of the valuable farm animals that we buy from our farming partners. In addition to the economic aspect, it is also an ethical responsibility to do well with this  carefully and sustainably  to avoid waste and strategically the best possible marketing

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